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Ch. 21 My Inner Demons
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING from the Loud House.
"Hey Lana, you know that thing about how you always dig into the trash?" The little former-princess asked as the twins walked back to their family.
"Oh boy..." The tomboy groaned instinctively. "Oh, sorry. I didn't mean that." Lana chuckled nervously as she rubbed her arm. "Force of habit."
"It's fine, but I just want to you know this. Sure, it's a really gross habit, but the real reason I don't want you eating out the trash isn't just for appearances. Do you even know where some of that stuff's been?"
"Well..." Lana scratched her chin. "Not really, besides some of the chewed gum I have stashed. I stole those from under desks or tables."
"That's what I'm saying. You could get really sick from doing that. Maybe not today, but it's bad for your health. I mean, do you know how many icky germs are in a dumps
:iconfighter5583:fighter5583 13 13
Ch. 20 Twinsanity
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING from the Loud House.
With Lynn Jr. out of the way, Miranda noted that she had 3 girls left to talk with. This would only take two sessions as she was having the twins in the same room together. While it seemed that Lana and Lola were well aware of the family's predicament, they were still six years old. As such, Miranda felt that it would put them both at ease if they had each other in the same room. This would be especially helpful when it came time to discuss their feelings. From what she knew about them so far, the twins were the most likely of the Louds to engage in physical confrontation. Miranda wasn't too concerned about this though, as it was perfectly normal for siblings to fight, especially identical twins. Another obvious indicator was the fact both girls dressed differently, leading to the main reason of suc
:iconfighter5583:fighter5583 13 6
Ch. 19 Bad Reputation
So, in this chapter of 'Sister-Phobia', we will cover a character whose been on the receiving end of a near endless amount of hatred. It's often said that Lynn's character is the most static out of all of her sisters due to little episodes focusing on her, and the ones that did have ruined her reputation. There was a time this little sporty girl was the most likable character in the show people could relate to. She's very energetic, playful, well-versed in the world of sports, and is one of the sisters Lincoln has a close bond with. However, as the series went on, due to a lack of character development, people began to see Lynn as a brutish bully with an ego problem. An infamous episode amped this up by a factor of 10, making Lynn the most hated main character in the show. Such a title used to be held by Lola, but she has since regained some fans due to a few good episodes centered around her. Lynn has only had one episode centered around her that didn't quite soften the hatred towards
:iconfighter5583:fighter5583 16 13
Ch. 18 Phone Aid
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING from the Loud House.
"So honey, how are things?" A male voice spoke on a phone.
"I would say business as usual Robert, but things are a bit more, complicated..." Miranda said to her husband.
"You're not dealing with that Clyde kid again are you?"
"No no no, it's a different set of clients. Have you ever heard of large immediate families?"
"You mean something like Cheaper by the Dozen?"
"Precisely. I'm tending to a family of 13. Ten daughters and one son."
"Thirteen kids with a significant dividend in gender? That's very odd...sure he's not adopted?" Robert noted.
"Robert!" Miranda hissed.
"Just asking dear." The man joked.
"I haven't seen their son in person as he's currently receiving medical attention, but I was surprised by the genetic outcome myself. So far, I've talked with the parents and 6 of their daughters. I was planning on talking
:iconfighter5583:fighter5583 15 22
Ch. 17 No More Secrets
Disclaimer: I own NOTHING from the Loud House.
Luna power-walked away from Miranda's office, heading back towards the reception area. She didn't think Dr. Lopez's words would strike such a chord in her usual rhythm, yet she found herself cutting her session short and marching down the hall with a concerned look on her face, her mind plagued with the antics of her siblings. It was no question in the Loud House that the siblings tended to get into fights over the smallest and most trivial things, such as the whole incident that got them in this situation in the first place. And if it wasn't over something petty, it was all about competition. Being in a family as big as the Louds, sibling rivalry was toned up to 11, literally. Lori and Leni sometimes argued over who was prettier, Lynn and Lucy had their clashing personalities and tastes, so it usually boiled down to which subj
:iconfighter5583:fighter5583 17 34
BTS (Snow Way Down) by xPanPan0416x BTS (Snow Way Down) :iconxpanpan0416x:xPanPan0416x 9 1 New loud house this sat 8:30 by naruto46r New loud house this sat 8:30 :iconnaruto46r:naruto46r 10 0 Terra Mandrile Classic by AKB-DrawsStuff Terra Mandrile Classic :iconakb-drawsstuff:AKB-DrawsStuff 173 13



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